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What is a world with no pizza, bananas and strawberries? Not a world at all! This mod adds over 75 different food items to minecraft and enables the player to starve less. Barren. Lifeless. These are the only words that can describe minecraftia. After the Great Quake, the world has never been the same. Blood fills all the oceans and dirt no longer grows. What has this place become?

By: Dmf444, Mincrmatt12, TennePG

By: dmf444, TennePG

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Having trouble with your nuclear power system? Why not invest in Nuclear Control 2, an IC2 addon. We monitor, reactors, 5x5's, AE networks, Big Reactors and so much more!

Fluids have alway given you weird effect on the ground...what if you put them in your armor? This mod was originally Pixlepix's but I've taken up maintaining it.

By: Xbony2, dmf444, pyrolusite

By: dmf444, pixlepix, Blorph

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